event in the Wizard's Tower. https://stardewvalleywiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Stardew_Valley_Wiki&oldid=145834, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. It's currently in a broken state and will require more time to fix. Added a new configuration to Grandpa's Farm called "Larger Bridge To Grandpas Shed". Added 216 entries of dialogue for Community Day. Fixed an issue where players could use Atlantes's warp before they entered the Wizard's basement. If players are mid-way through the questline, their materials will be lost. Adjusted Susan's schedule. Added several SVE warps to CJB Cheats Menu and fixed a couple warp locations. 10-16-2020: Players must now see Krobus' intro event for him to appear at the spirits eve festival. During a cutscene that is available starting on Fall 2, Year 1, regardless of the weather, a special orders board is installed in front of the Mayor's Manor. Marlon's shop will now be closed on Community Day. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where Haley's house was glitched at the new spirits eve festival (year 2, 4, 6). Changed Crimson Badland skeleton, mummy, and slime appearances. Players no longer receive the rusty key from Gunther. Removed berry bushes from Forest West, Town East, and Shearwater Bridge in an attempt to balance berries. Fixed an issue where the remove fence configuration on GF didn't completely remove the southern fence. Hot fixed an issue where Lance's 10 heart event froze the game. Buffed hammer damage, knock back, and defense buff. They're kept track of in the quest journal, which can be brought up by clicking the exclamation point icon at the bottom of the date/time display in the upper right of the screen, or by using the hotkey F. Quests are listed in the journal by title, and each quest can be expanded to read the text and requirements for completion. Your task is to make it to level 100 in the. 09-12-2020: Fixed a bug where Claire and Martin did not properly display their joja/theater sprites when inside. The Walleye is a fish that can be caught in the river (in Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest ), the mountain Lake, and the Cindersap Forest pond during Fall when it is raining. Fixed an issue where player shadows were drawn below the farmhouse patio on Grandpa's Farm. Added schedule dialogue to vanilla characters when in a "new area". no longer sells mixed seeds, fiber, spring onion, salmonberry, blackberry, spice berry, wild horseradish, leek, hazelnut, and crystal fruit. Resampled and increased the volume of "FirstSlashTheme" by 100%. Edited Susan's 6 heart event to 7 hearts. Starfish and clownfish are now compatible with the More Fish mod. Added a new compatibility configuration called "Disable SVE Joja Mart Shop" (default = false). Removed pre-placed sprinkler tiles in ???. Increased corrupt spirit health (1250 > 1500) and damage (70 > 80). It will allow you to quickly return to any elevator doors you've discovered. The Grandpa's Farm land expansion questline is no longer time gated and can now be started once players have completed the community center/joja developments, movie theater, ginger island resort, and cleared the railroad boulder. Players could walk back to the railroad via the track on Grampleton Fields before the landslide clearing. The community center, once the towns most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. Bring me a jar of its prismatic jelly and you will be duly rewarded. Increased forage spawns in the highlands ruins area during summer and fall. Fixed an issue where NPCs couldn't leave Forest West. 09-16-2020: Added nebula effects to Sprite Spring and lighting bloom for Forest West canopy trees. Players must now complete the Joja warehouse to unlock year-round seeds. Added a new 1920x1080 HD wallpaper titled 'The Raven's Descent', found in the wallpaper downloads. Players are no longer placed in the crossroad when entering from the south. 10-16-2020: Added shadows to the pet water bowl on IF2R. Fixed an issue where SVE fish roe didn't accurately reflect colors. They can use Prismatic Shards that have been previously obtained. This shard glows with an otherworldly blue light. Fixed an issue where conch, rafflesia, sand dollar, bearberry, and ancient fern clashed with other mods adding the same items. This gated players from end game content. Monsters deal increased damage and some have received a small HP buff. Fixed an issue where Scarlett prevented players from attaining perfection. The entrance was confusing to some players. Added 140 location messages to vanilla interior maps. Nerfed many forage areas (you must delete your character's default data file in FTM for this to take effect). Notable additions: Olivia's 12 heart, Victor's 12 heart, Sophia's 12 heart, Morgan's 10 heart, Apples' 10 heart, Susan's 10 heart, Morris' 10 heart (joja route, has many parts), two events for Willy (joja route), seven events for Claire, four events for Gunther, and one event for Martin. Fixed an issue where farm buildings on IF2R could clip into a cherry blossom tree in the animal pen area. Added update subkeys for Grandpa's Farm and IF2R which will notify players if an update is available. . Fixed an issue where Andy's 6 heart event and Marlon's graveyard event would trigger when it wasn't raining. It's now called "Original Mines Entrance". The table below indicates maximum timeframes. Fixed an issue where Penny read books in the ??? Increased puppyfish spawn rate (5% > 15%). SVE tilesheets can now be targeted by other modders wishing to edit them. Aurora Vineyard now displays vines in its overgrown state. Lewis used his title when addressing the player in the expanded Joja route. Fixed an issue where the player's farm warp rune emitted no light on Grandpa's Farm after the Joja ??? Unlike Help Wanted requests, these orders are automatically filled without speaking to the requestor. Traveling cart merchant portrait now shows at the night market. Cindersap Forest has added warp patching logic applied to it. Players can install Reset Terrain Features to reset bush locations. Fixed an issue where Claire's and Martin's movie theater intro event played in the joja route. [Crop] are in high demand this year. 's warp didn't appear for farmhands. Fixed a bug where players could walk through the desert pillars. When you first start playing Stardew Valley, learning who is who can be a bit of a task, especially when it comes to characters like Linus, who doesn't live in the main areas of Pelican Town.. Gunther gives players a different award. Added compatibility for the More Fish mod. 09-15-2020: Custom NPC Fixes and Custom Music are no longer bundled within the SVE folder. Added a new sound track from Octopath Traveler: "Reminiscence". It has been added to the desktop wallpaper downloads. Fixed an issue where a certain map patch on Grandpa's Farm didn't apply for farmhands. 10-16-2020: Added an event for Willy that triggers at the farm when players reach level 8 fishing. Some produce unique items. Added steam and sparkle effects to the IF2R hot spring. Many mods have been made compatible with it. There's nothin' like tropical fishing To keep the art alive, I'm offering a reward for whoever can bring in a good island haul. Fixed an issue where two bushes were glitched into each other at the mountain. Added "Harder Crafting" as a configurable addition (default = false). Recipes. Added a new event for Sandy. Fixed an issue where players couldn't purchase the Aurora Vineyard Property Deed from Morris. Added many new decorative pieces in Sophia's home. Fixed an issue on IF2R where players couldn't ride their horses back from the west of the bus stop. Added a new soundtrack: "Camilla's Tower". It can randomly be found in Garbage Cans during Fall and Winter, or at the Traveling Cart for 315-1,000g. Allows more compatibility for other mods. Hello there. Simplified and streamlined Grampleton Fields installation. Fixed an issue where Sophia's 14 heart event crashed the game. Edited Demetrius' "cave" event for IF2R. Fixed a bug where the beach map was missing a map layer which caused mod compatibility issues. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. !!! Fixed an issue where Victor and Olivia didn't return home and did really weird things like sleeping in the saloon or hanging out at the park at 1:00am. You found another note in the sand dragon's eye. You found a strange looking key in the bottom of the mines. Large objects and buildings will now cast realistic shadows. Got rid of the static trees on IF2R by the farm cave and plateau. Fixed an issue where Scarlett claimed it was a nice day during rainy weather while working at Blue Moon Vineyard. Players must Install PyTK and TMX Loader. Patches a minecart at the vanilla mine entrance location, allowing players to get to the mines faster. Added a new configuration for Grandpa's Farm called "Remove Land Expansion Pond". 's Room. Added new monsters found at Crimson Badlands. Players most throw out their old IF2R folder and reinstall. Fixed an issue where a First Slash adventurer's top half was removed by a Community Day map patch in the Adventurer Guild. 10 days ago. Fixed an issue where monsters, forage, and objects wouldn't spawn if players weren't using the standard farm. Fixed an issue where Victor's schedule would crash the game. Fixed an issue where the Grandpa's Farm "Heavy Debris" config glitched several grass tiles if toggled to "true" with "Remove Grass Stretch" and "Remove Fences". It includes a large number of new locations, events, location descriptions, and maps, in addition to reimagined festivals, new content for familiar faces, and other miscellaneous additions. Fixed an issue where some players couldn't trigger SVE special order quests. When a new quest is available, the bulletin board will have a yellow exclamation point floating above it. Adjusted the entrance staircase in the wizard's tower for compatibility with others mods. Fixed an issue where players couldn't trigger the secret note magnifying glass event at the bus stop when warping from Grandpa's Farm. Krobus events can no longer be triggered on Fridays. Fixed a graphical glitch with the petbowl on IF2R. He's unlocked after players donate 60 artifacts. Added a small event that is triggered immediately when the player enters the Lost Woods map. Added my seasonal Starblue Valley touches to the SBV download folder! 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where Claire and Martin wouldn't go to work at Joja Mart if players built the Joja Movie Theater. Removed three static trees on the Backwoods map. Fixed the "invisible bushes" bug players would sometimes experience during a season change in exterior SVE locations. Changed the location of Harvey's 10 heart event from the railroad to grampleton fields. Fixed an issue where some players couldn't add SVE fish to their aquariums. Fixed the view port and positioning in Alex's 7 heart event. Fixed an issue where Sebastian and Shane didn't attend Community Day if married to the player. Stardew Valley Expanded ConcernedApe . Updated the event guide (optional download). Moved some objects around the Jenkins' Residence. I recommend removing the "[zCP] FlashShifter's Seasonal Edits" folder out of the mods directory to avoid conflicts. Players may now toggle fences (several areas), crop field appearances (grass or dirt), pet house, flowerbeds, outside table, and shed. Victor has received a new event, taking place at Shearwater Bridge during spring, summer, and fall. Added a world map for the Crimson Badlands (cutscene only for now). Nerfed the quarry on IF2R due to requests. Fixed an issue where if playing on IF2R and using the sandbox configuration, Grandpa's refurbished Shed glitched several back layer tiles. Pobierz i wypakuj jako pierwsze przed spolszczeniem SVE. Fixed an issue where several NPCs got stuck by Leah's house if players completed the community shortcuts upgrade. Fixed an issue where players couldn't ride their horse back from Grampleton Fields. Fixed miscellaneous glitched tiles and strings in several maps. Fixed an issue where half of Lance's beach body showed up in a hedge in the year 2 Halloween maze. Fixed an issue where Joja workers clipped into Clint's fence during the mine cart repair cutscene. Slightly adjusted building positions on SVE tilesheets. Fixed an issue where the Custom NPC Exclusions framework wasn't set as a dependency for SVE. New music added by SVE no longer replaces vanilla soundtracks. Fixed an issue where SVE quest mail flags wouldn't work in some instances, preventing players from progression. Players MUST remove "Summit_Reborn" from their mods folder. SVE characters will now use their sleep frames when married to the player (farmhouse). Added a shortcut on IF2R leading to the secret woods. This was due to the original greenhouse overlapping the "front" layer. Simply entering the building upon removing the gated debris is now the only requirement. Fixed an issue where the Joja movie theater glitched the pumpkin patch area during the Stardew Valley Fair. Fixed an issue where Sophia's 6 heart event "open door" question fork glitched the event. Sebastian's, Gus's, and Dwarf's SVE events have been added to the mature events category. Fixed an issue where a tile in Andy's crop fields was walkable. Increased the trigger timeframe Robin comes by to inspect Grandpa's Shed (7am~3pm > 7am~8pm). Added two new warps at ??? The morning after the player examines the first golden scroll in the, The Wizard gives the player a potion that allows them to read the language of the. Default setting is false. -Gunther. Added Martin, a part-time Joja employee, as a fully fledged NPC. Fixed an issue where there was a glitched tile near a spouse room in the player's farmhouse. Fixed an issue where ??? Welcome to the Stardew Valley Expanded Wiki! Fixed an issue where landmarks on the island reverted to destroyed states. Changed and added many lines of dialogue. 10-19-2020: Fixed an issue where farm buildings couldn't be placed in a couple areas on IF2R (toggled configurations). Removed Marlon's off center speech bubble that'd display when players entered the Adventurer Guild. Fixed an issue where Marlon and Gunther sometimes faced the other way behind their counter. This event is triggered between 6:00am to 5:00pm, at a 20% trigger chance. Increased serpent spawns in the Crimson Badlands void zone. Adjusted, nerfed, and buffed all forage locations to be more balanced. Redrew Hank's and Treyvon's overworld sprites. Fixed an issue where Morris didn't offer players the option to purchase Aurora Vineyard if Grandpa's Farm was installed, but wasn't being played on. Balanced artifact spawn rates on custom maps. Fixed a void eel ID fish pond SMAPI message. The following items are easy to obtain, especially if the player has extra money: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Quests&oldid=146425, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, This is the most common type of Help Wanted quest. Must be toggled to true before save file creation to take effect. Fixed a bug where Sophia mentioned her mom wanting something good for dinner (generic vanilla dialogue). Fixed an issue where players couldn't obtain artifacts near Grandpa's Shed. Fixed an issue where Pierre clipped into Caroline during community day. Moved the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered download to the "optional" section. You've been promised a substantial reward if you're successful. Fixed an exploit where players could buy grampleton orange chicken from Gus and sell it back for profit. Added reaction dialogue for NPCs in Claire's 14 heart event. Changed a couple locational dialogues that weren't "SDV enough" due to requests. Fixed an issue where one of Pierre's joja day strings used Caroline's which produced gibberish in the dialogue box. Extended GF 20 tiles to the right (inaccessible space). Fixed several small visual glitches in various maps. Residents will commune to Joja Mart on the 22nd of every season if players completed the Joja Community Developments. I'd recommend deleting the "Mods/Stardew Expanded" folder you have, and then reinstall the full SDV Expanded pack that you download. Nothing to see here :). If you haven't played Stardew Valley before, you are encouraged to play it in its original form as intended by the developer. Increased the SVE greenhouse interior's ambient light. Altered the desert pillars to match canon. She will now visit her garden and the community garden. Corrected and added map property Lua warps to the forest, backwoods, and bus stop tbin files. Made Highland Mushroom mobs blue during the winter season instead of grey. They've been replaced with new end dialogue for involved characters. Updated Andy's, Sophia's, and Susan's farming frame data. Added an NPC guide to the optional download. Increased the rarity of four leaf clovers in the western cindersap forest. Fixed an issue where SVE hardcoded Scarlett's and Lance's appearances which overwrote other mods editing their sprites and portraits. Rasmodius has received another new event, taking place at Forest West, when the player has six hearts with him. Fixed an issue where Sophia and Victor overlapped each other at Blue Moon Vineyard. Fixed an issue where Grandpa Farm specific questlines could be triggered on other farm types. Allows other mods editing Joja Mart's inventory to overwrite SVE's additions. -M. Rasmodius. Existing SVE saves can configure to this layout. These events will be revisited in a future update with different narratives (completely new events). Fixed an issue where players could get to the railroad from Grampleton Fields before summer 3 year 1. He commutes to the valley a couple days a week to work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Fixed several glitched tiles on the Forest West map. Increased corrupt serpent spawns at the Crimson Badlands (5 > 10). Added many new dialogue lines for the Wizard. Fixed an issue where players weren't correctly warped in Grandpa's Shed if they were playing on other farm types with IF2R/Grandpa's Farm installed. !Players must install Custom NPC Fixes for SVE NPCs to function correctly!!! This will prevent double forest load issues many players were experiencing when installing SVE incorrectly. This page lists many of the secrets discovered in Stardew Valley . Items must be collected while quest is active.Tip: Insects who drop bug meat are common on floors 15-29 of the Mines. Redesigned the maple and oak tree area below Andy's house. 10-06-2020: Fixed an issue where SVE NPCs got stuck at the bus stop when walking to a custom location during their marriage schedule. Changed the timeframe where Robin offers to build ??? Removed all Octopath Traveler music from SVE to avoid copyright claims. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where the Summer Hours mod patched the bottom half of the adventurer guild door at the mountains. Fixed the compatibility patch for the Magic mod. This also caused Claire to disappear during her idle animation at cashier stand 3. 10-21-2020: Fixed an issue where Leah sculpted outside her house during winter. Removed many 'end positions' in SVE events due to feedback. Organized the SVE TMXL folder structure and references in the content.json. Reduced the size of the desert railway map. Default setting is "true". Migrated SVE festival data from TMX to CP. Static fences now properly display snow when Seasonl Edits = "true" (default). Despite adding new events, expanded dialogue, new . For example, a quest to slay Shadow Shaman will never be asked until the player has reached at least level 80 of The Mines. Removed Marlon's Crimson Badlands introduction event and added Camilla's forest west event to the cut content section. Can be purchased from Robin's shop. SVE objects are added as completion requirements. Victor, Olivia, Susan, and Andy's portraits + overworld sprites have received a redraws - matching ConcernedApe's art style. 's schedule. Willy's corresponding event conditions has changed (level 8 fishing > level 5 fishing). Rebalanced weapon damage across the board. Immersive Farm 2 Remastered (IF2R) player warnings if updating to 1.11 !!! Fixed an issue where players couldn't access Willy's barrel. (Framework Mod) Allows new audio to be added to the game. I've got the urge to make my famous giant omelet but I'll need two dozen eggs. Changed the Adventure Guild open time from 3pm~12am to 12pm~10pm. Wizard will now sleep in his bed at the end of his schedule. Fixed a graphical glitch in deep cave on IF2R. Progress is going well!). Fixed an issue where players couldn't correctly place themselves in the Wizard's bed. Players obtained Sophia's trade secrets benefit upon marrying her. Some events are random encounters or contain big secrets. Re-added Sandy's vanilla portrait configuration. Buildings clipped into the backyard cherry blossom tree on IF2R. Sandy will make Delivery requests once the player has unlocked The Desert. If SVE is already being played, these trees will take around 30 days to grow. This wiki is read-only, the official editable wiki can be found at stardewvalleywiki.com. Players must now reach 2 hearts with Sophia before they can enter her bedroom. Added a "Smaller Desert Map" configuration (default = "false"). Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. 10-01-2020: Fixed an issue where Gunther's events couldn't be triggered (it's fixed for real now I promise). Players can now refill their watering cans at Marnie's crop field. Please see the credits section on the bottom of the page! Fixed an issue where farmhands got stuck during Sophia's 6 heart event. if players took the Joja route. It is now located by the Pelican Town community garden and connects to Shearwater Bridge. Fixed an issue where an electrical socket in Jas' room rendered above the player's sprite. Its companion buildings, the Water Obelisk, Desert Obelisk, and Island Obelisk, can also be purchased from the Wizard. Evelyn no longer mentions grandpa's real name in her 10 heart event. Fixed an issue where Claire didn't attend aerobics class during her marriage schedule if players hadn't yet constructed the theater. !! Detail similar to Sophia's house can be expected~. Two optional farms are also available, Grandpa's Farm and Immersive Farm 2, a new version of the Immersive Farm 2 mod. Fixed an issue where Lewis clipped into Olivia during the Spirit's Eve festival. Fixed an issue where community garden trellis' blocked players from using the community upgrade beach shortcut. Fixed an issue where Marlon displayed incorrect frames during his special order event. Fixed an issue where players couldn't place furniture in some areas west of Cindersap Forest. 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where players got stuck in the void during Olivia, Sophia, and Victor's part one 12 heart events if they had a level 2 or 3 farmhouse. Added a house for Morris. Fixed an issue where the community center and ??? Redesigned all Pelican Town festival maps to have a consistent layout (mostly back layers for custom NPC compatibility). (I have now started full development on the new characters). Fixed an issue where players couldn't complete Evelyn's and Pam's billboard quests. Fixed the ambient sound effects in Morris' event when it was raining. Increased king salmon sell price (600g > 650g). Joja quarry bridge reverted to a broken state. This is a configurable addition within the IF2R folder (default = false). Changed a schedule of Sam where he stood behind a bush in town. Added an event for Willy explaining where to catch a king salmon, triggered when meeting season and fishing level conditions. Table of contents. Now fences have snow on them during winter, houses have leaves on their roofs during fall, and many other misc additions. Made it easier for players to reach the farm cave (IF2R and only on a new save). Replaced the wizard cosplayer in Sophia's 14 heart event. They're now considered a good "in-between" weapon with impressive defensive stats (defense attributes on weapons now work in SDV 1.5). Fixed an issue where the game froze if players warped to the wizard's basement via the witch hut warp. Thinned out trees and bushes in forest west and cindersap forest, making traveling on horse and finding forage easier (only effective upon cutting down trees/starting a new save). 09-29-2020: Fixed an issue where farmhands couldn't enter the adventurer guild. This was changed to ensure compatibility for other mods requiring these frameworks (where these are located in the mods directory, rather than inside another folder). Fixed an issue where Cassandra clipped into Drake in the adventurer guild. All SVE events have been rewritten (over 70!!!). 09-23-2020: Fixed a bug in Victor's, Sophia's, Olivia's, and Claire's 12 heart event where objects in the kitchen (such as the fireplace) were removed.
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